Before painting



You will find that a lot of new possibilities arise when using a scale.


Sartorius Precission scales measuring milligrams are fast, reliable and precise.

They are expensive but they are wonderful to work with.


We can recommend Sartorius ENTRIS 323-1S Balance and you can get here:

Out of Gamut


When the sign “Out of Gamut” shows the requested rgb color does not exist within the color range of your artist colors or the selected colours from your set. If you are in doubt select all the colors. If you still get the "Out of Gamut" warning it is usually because the color is too saturated. Try and use the color less saturat will.


You will not be charged a recipe when you don’t get one.



PaintMaker adjust loaded images by default to Levels output: 38/255.

You can deselect this option anytime you want.






When using rgb values from an image PaintMaker it is important that there are no colors darker than rgb: 38,38,38. (oil: 40,40,40 and acrylic: 36,36,36)

This is because paint doesn’t get any darker than rgb 38,38,38. (oil paint. Acrylic and gouache are mostly between 25,25,25 and 30,30,30)

If you use colors from an image with too wide color range your colors will be too saturated, the contrast too big and much of it will be in total darkness.