PaintMaker converts RGB colors to fine artist color recipes.

Online color mixing for artists.


Converting RGB to paint.

Calculate artist color mixes.

Virtual paint mixer.


Golden paint mixer.

Liquitex paint mixer.

Rembrandt Oil Color paint mixer.

Gamblin Conservation Colors.

Schmincke Norma Oil Colour

Winsor and Newton Galleria Acrylic Colours


Calculate paint recipes online.




Goto the online menu.


Choose an image file to load.

Simply point the cursor at the colour you want or insert a RGB value.

Choose the color brand (oil og acrylic).

Select which colours to use.

Choose warm or cold daylight as illiumination.

Press the GO button and you will get three recipes to choose from.

The recipes are displayed in parts or in weight. The parts relative size are shown with coloured bars next to each recipe.

The number after a color name is the color's density.



When painting there are many situations where it can be a great help to get an idea about which colours to use and in what amount. Often the light conditions aren’t good enough or you have to work fast and with larger amounts of paint.


The main goal is the artwork and not whether you are able to mix colours. Everything that interferes unnecessary with your workflow when painting are moving you further away from making art.


You can load colour schemes or a color chart and use them as palette for a painting.


PaintMaker is useful both for abstract painting and naturalistic painting whether you work with great precision or with a looser approach.


Both acrylic paint and oil paint can be used in the system.


The color mixer is a unique tool to experiment with painting techniques and practice color theory.

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