Storing small amounts of paint

You can use a cut up milk carton for palet.

Easily avoid paint from drying. Keep paint in an inexpensive way, and obtain a palette at the same time.

When you have paint mixes that you have to avoid from drying here is an easy, effective and inexpensive method to store the paint colours.

You need two things: an impuls heat sealer and some vacuum plastic bags.

Weld two pieces of plastic along one side and open them.

Then place the paint in the middle and fold the plastic around it.

Weld side two and push the paint into the corner.

Weld side three and push the paint so it fills out the bag.

Close the bag by welding the forth side.

When using the paint cut off a corner of the bag and squeeze the paint out.

You don't need to seal the bag again. The paint will dry and seal the bag. When you start painting againg remove the dried paint from the bag and squeeze the paint out.

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