Cleaning a brush

How to clean a brush so it is perfectly clean

Whether you have acrylic or oil paint in your brush you have to clean it properly when you finish painting.

Here is an easy way to clean your brushes so they always we be as new.

A brush is best cleaned by first wiping the paint off of it with a paper towel.

Then pour some concentrated dishwashing soap in the bottom of a sink.

Carefully rub the soap into the brush until all the paint is mixed with the soap.

Rinse the soap out with water.

Pour a little dishwashing soap in your hand and carefully rub it into the brush

Rinse the soap out with water.

Do it again.

After rinsing the soap out carefully rub the wet brush in your hand until you get white foam.

Rinse with water and check if you still get white foam.

When you don't the brush is clean.


Be careful to let the brush dry with the hairs set straight.

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